Virtual Reality Gym in San Diego

Virtual Reality Gym in San Diego

Virtual Reality Gaming Center in San Diego

We invited San Diego City Times on media day to preview the first and only Virtual Reality Gaming Center in San Diego at Virtual Play Zone. Below is a brief excerpt of the article they wrote with a link to the full article.  Enjoy!

Virtual Reality San Diego, Virtual Play Zone

In this segment, we toured Virtual Play Zone, the first ever virtual reality “gym” in San Diego.

Virtual Play Zone’s main attraction is the virtual reality room where players can try out the HTC Vive, one of the most advanced virtual reality systems on the market. With a selection of more than 200 games, players can choose from a wide variety of experiences, such as jumping out of airplanes, joining military offensives, interacting with magical underwater worlds, and even fighting off zombies.

Read full article by clicking here

  1. Great idea and experience ! I loved it and now I’m telling everybody that I know that would like to experience it should try this place ! Definitely coming back !

  2. Had a great expierence playing with the Virtual Reality equiptment. Employee, Anthony is wonderful and provided the best customer service with his patience and un-limited help! I definitely reccomend this place as your choice of Virtual Reality play zones.

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