Virtual reality is a fully immersive computer-simulated experience that replicates an environment, real or imagined, and simulates a user’s physical presence into that environment allowing the user to interact with it. In short, Virtual Reality will blow your mind.

Due to high demand we recommend you book one of our HTC Vives or just come down and enjoy the fun at Virtual Play Zone. We are sure we will find you a time slot to experience the best in VR.

Yes, A small percentage of people will experience minor dizziness or nausea similar to motion sickness due to the effect on the inner ear from being fully immersed into a virtual world. This is usually experienced when first trying Virtual Reality and is not proven to have long term effects.

Not at all.  Most of our Headsets and programs offer easy to understand tutorials and we always have trained technicians available to assist you in enjoying your Virtual Reality experience.

Absolutely,  The Virtual Play Zone and our Virtual Reality rooms are set up with 55 inch T.V.’s and couches where Family and Friends can watch your VR experience and share the headgear allowing for a fun and social way to experience Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality is really safe for all ages and the Virtual Play Zone provides introductory Virtual Reality equipment and content for younger children. We do restrict certain content which may not be suitable for ages under 18 and require parental approval for viewing that content.

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